StonePanels International LLC

Full Scale French Seismic Testing

StoneLite® stone panels meets all requirements per the regulations of this Certificate BBA No. 07/4466.

StoneLite® stone panels subjected to various seismic test loadings consisting of Bati Parallelogramme’, ‘Bati Sismique Excitation’, and ‘Bati Perpendiculaire’ onan area of panels 3048 mm x 3048 mm. Reference ‘Centre Scientifique Et TechniqueDu Batiment’ Report No. EEM 09 26022051-1 as conducted per guidelines of CSTB.

  • Requirement A1: Loading
  • Requirement B2: Internal Fire Spread
  • Requirement B4(1): External Fire Spread
  • Requirement C2(b)(c): Resistance to Moisture
  • Requirement Regulation 7: Materials and Workmanship