StonePanels International LLC

Structural and Impact Load Tests

  1. Hurricane wind load and missile impact tests in accordance with Florida Building Codes TAS 201-94, TAS 202-94, TAS 203-94, and ASTM E330. Reference Architectural Testing Inc. API Report No. D5211.01-801-12
    StoneLite® panels, attached 24-in. o.c. to steel stud frames, resisted numerous large missile impacts from 8 ft. long wood 2x4s traveling at over 50 ft. per second. There was an instantaneous deflection of the panel (sometimes exceeding 1 inch), but the StoneLite® panels were neither penetrated nor chipped. The StoneLite®panel assemblies also successfully withstood 1342 repetitions of positive-negative 90 psf design wind loading, followed by 135 psf (150% of design wind pressure). All test criteria was met and South Florida Code acceptance was obtained.
  2. Racking shear tests, simulating seismic loading, conducted in accordance with ASTM E-72. Reference Ramtech Laboratories Report No. 8063-87
    Racking shear tests were conducted on StoneLite® panels attached to steel stud framing with epoxy-set threaded inserts bolt attached to clip angles. The 8-ft. x 8-ft. assemblies were loaded to over 5,000 lbs. producing deflections of 2-1/2 inches. There was no major chipping nor damage, no disengagement, and no bond loss. When loaded to failure, the connection clips distorted and there was connection clip weld failure on the back-up framing.
  3. Impact tests conducted in accordance with ASTM E-695. Reference Ramtech Laboratory Report No. 8125-87, dated 5 Oct. 1987
    Impact tests were conducted on StoneLite® panels and also on 3-cm thickness solid granite for the purpose of comparing resistance to impact. All tests were conducted with panels or slabs spanning 42 inches. StoneLite® panels resisted 540 ft.-lbs. impact loading with only some fine surface cracking, no change in surface finish nor any other damage. This amount of impact was the maximum possible for the equipment in this laboratory. Unofficial testing on StoneLite®panels exceeded 3,600 ft.-lbs. impact without failure. By comparison, the 3-cm thick solid granite shattered into pieces as soon as impacted a load of 60 ft.-lbs.
  4. Flexure testing in accordance with ASTM E-72, plus Flatwise tension bond testing, to meet ICBO requirements. Reference Ramtech Laboratories Report No. 7619-85, and 7619B-85 dated 16 April 1986.
    Flexure tests were conducted on StoneLite® panels 48 inches wide, and spans of 35.5 inches, 51.5 inches and 92.5 inches. In addition, StoneLite® panels were subjected to accelerated aging by rapid cycling of temperature for 2 hours at -40 F, 2 hours at 70 F, 2 hours at 160 F and 1 hour at 0 F, for 25 cycles.
  5. Attachment Plate Testing – Pullout, push through and lateral shear maximum loads were conducted by Terrapin Testing, Inc. Test report No. TT 506019-HJ dated December 4, 2008.
    StoneLite® panels made of various prepreg sheets and aluminum honeycomb combinations were tested with Stone Panels Inc. proprietary attachment / embed plates installed in the panels. Tests were conducted per ASTM D1761.
    Laminated sandwich panel and attachment plate tests were conducted by Terrapin Testing, Inc. – Test report No. TT 505019-ESF dated April 30, 2008.