StonePanels International LLC

Test of Time

StoneLite® panels were developed and patented more that 37 years ago in Ireland. Production was established in the United States in 1983 and subsequently moved to the current 175,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility located in Coppell, Texas in 2002.

The first notable exterior cladding project in the United States was a five-story office building in Dallas completed in 1980. Of course, the ultimate test of any product is The Test of Time and StoneLite® has proven performance on building exteriors throughout the world for over 37 years. From Montreal, Quebec to Miami, Anchorage to San Diego, London to Seoul and Moscow to Toronto, StoneLite® adorns some of the finest commercial buildings in the world.

A partial list of completed exterior projects and project profiles may be found in the StoneLite® Specifications Binder and on the Stone Panels, Inc. website at

The Stone Panels, Inc. quality control program includes cutting samples of epoxy saturated glass cloth from every production run for future evaluation. Those samples have been retained from the date of initial production. In addition, two (2) samples are cut from randomly selected panels out of every 25-panel production run for flatwise bond and epoxy-set insert testing.

For additional quality control, there are unannounced inspections and review of records by a Quality Control Inspector for the International Code Council four (4) times each year for the United States. Inspections and audit are also conducted by the CSTB group of building officials for the Avis Technique, the evaluation for French approval and by the BBA for the United Kingdom.

For more information on testing of our StoneLite® panels, please contact our Technical Services Staff.