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    About the project

    More than 3,100 sq. ft. of StoneLite® St. Hubert SLG limestone was used to create the large cornice detail on this project. The cornice cantilevers from the facade creating a need for additional structure requirements if designed for dimensional stone. The weight reduction component makes StoneLite® the obvious choice. The StoneLite® system is able to fabricate and attach a very ornate or large cornice to the face of the building without additional structural requirements.


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    701 Emerson Road, Suite 450
    St. LouisMO 63141
    Phone: (314) 878-3500
    Project Details
    Street Address1701 Feise Road
    Year 2008
    Stone UsedSt. Hubert SLG Limestone
    LocationSt. Louis Missouri
    CategoriesArchitectural Features Cornice Education Entrance Exterior