StonePanels International LLC


Project Details

Street Address:
2118 Drake Ave.

About the project

Bentley Cadillac participated in the Cadillac Brand campaign which included an exterior renovation. StoneLite® is the Gensler/Cadillac specified exterior cladding material. Over 4,100 sq. ft. of StoneLite® limestone exterior panels with factory bonded finished return edges were manufactured and shipped to the jobsite ready to install.

Typical panel sizes are designed with a 24″x16″ module size. SPI value engineered the project to produced panels 48’x16″ with a vertical false joint to reduce the number of panels to manufacture and install. The project scope includes 3/8″ sealed joints in a running bond installation using our wide interlocking channel system.

StoneLite® has been installed on over 160 Cadillac dealerships.

Architect:  New South Architects