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    DL Rogers HQ

    About the project

    When DL Rogers decided to construct a new company HQ they selected StoneLite® Blue Pearl and Absolute Black granite panels for their exterior cladding.  The interior lobby features Absolute Black granite as an accent material.

    The owner/developer wanted to created a timeless, classic facade that would not look dated in a short time.  Blue Pearl granite has hues from dark, rich colors to more vibrant blue and silver crystal structure depending on the range selected.  This project features the darker color patterns to compliment the Absolute Black.

    Multiple module sizes were used to create a grid design and all corner conditions have prefabricated returns emulating the look of dimensional stone.

    SPI performed the install.

    Contact Information

    5310 Harvest Hill Rd., Suite 136
    Dallas, TX 75230
    Phone: (972) 788-1010
    Project Details
    Location1225 S. Main
    Year 2016
    Stone UsedAbsolute Black Granite Blue Pearl Granite
    LocationGrapevine Texas
    CategoriesCommercial Exterior Installations Interior Lobby Multi-Story New Construction