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Barclay Tower: 58 Stories of Lightweight Stone Panels

Barclay Tower rises 58 stories above the Financial District with StoneLite® exterior panels on the exterior facade.

Project name:            10 Barclay Tower

Project location:        10 Barclay Street, New York, NY

Year:                           2006

Architecture Firm:     Costas Kondylis & Partners

Developer:                  Glenwood Management Corp.

Exterior Product:     StoneLite® Indiana Standard Buff Limestone


Situated in the Downtown Manhattan skyline, Barclay Tower rises above the Financial District as a proud example of the post-9-11 rebuilding efforts. The 57-story residential skyscraper offers one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments featuring nine to ten foot ceilings, modern amenities, and a decorative interior.  The 396 apartment units reside within an ornate structure featuring a grand three-story Colonnade entrance, chiseled with limestone walls and cornices, marble floors, and hand-crafted mosaic stone—all decorated by acclaimed American designer John Saladino.


After the devastation of 9-11, the Financial District of NYC made efforts to reconstruct and revitalize the city.  Barclay Tower opened Spring of 2008 and incorporated a luxurious residential highrise to the landscape.  Marked with high-end architecture design, the tower alludes a thoughtful combination of old-world comforts and new-world living.  Costas Kondylis & Partners took inspiration from Lower Manhattan landmarks to integrate ornate fountains and stone finishes into the exterior of Barclay Tower.


The sheer weight of dimensional stone, coupled with the installation cost of hoisting equipment and masonry labor, was too intensive for a building of the size and height of Barclay Tower.  Overseeing the construction of Barclay Tower was Sal Puccio, Vice President of Construction at Glenwood Management Corp. Puccio talks through the decision process for selecting an exterior building material:

“The StoneLite® system allowed us to realize the design intent for the building, while completing the exterior facade significantly faster than would have been possible with solid dimensional stone,” said Puccio.  “We are quite pleased with the result.”

“The Barclay Tower project was the tallest structure that we have had the opportunity to work with.  The StoneLite® system demonstrated that building height accentuates the benefits of their unique cladding solution.  The practicality and affordability of the lightweight solution was simply the ideal exterior cladding for a building such as Barclay Tower.”


According to Gary Jacob (Executive Vice President of Glenwood Management), the installation was fast—on time and on budget.

“As people increasingly flock to lively downtown neighborhoods, Barclay Tower meets the rising need for luxurious living standards in this desirable location,” said Jacob. “The lightweight panels were easier to move to the upper levels, and installation was accomplished faster and safer than that of solid heavy stone alternatives.”


Approximately 51,000 sq. ft. of StoneLite® Indiana Standard Buff Limestone panels were installed on the exterior of Barclay Tower.  The majority were 5’x5′ with a 12″x12″ bullnose “V” running the full height of each panel, but each piece weighed only 130 lbs. (including the attachment system). Lower levels feature panels fabricated with reveals and ornate limestone cornices, while the upper floors display limestone columns and pilasters.