StonePanels International LLC

Before and After Recladding Project: Portage County Prosecutor’s Office

Stone Panels often takes on new projects that involve improving an existing structure. One in particular was the Portage County Prosecutor’s Office in Ravenna, Ohio. As shown in the picture below, the office was originally two stories when first built in 1969 for a law firm. In 2008, it was decided that the county prosecutor’s office would take over the building so a third floor was added. The decision to add another floor wasn’t difficult since according to one of the project’s architects, the building was originally designed to have another floor and lightweight StoneLite® panels allowed it to easily support the additional capacity. Consequently, the new floor increased usable floor space by 50%.

In addition to the need for more space, the new home of the attorney’s office was in need of a face lift, without completely tearing down the structure itself. The building’s exterior was precast concrete, which could not handle the loading of 2-foot by 3-foot granite panels, so the architects turned to StoneLite®.

Approximately 5,600 square feet of polished Dakota Mahogany granite StoneLite® panels were used for the project and were able to meet the building exterior design intent due to their lightweight nature. StoneLite® was able to reduce the installation cost while increasing the strength and impact resistance of the original structure.

Choosing to renovate with a quality stone veneer like StoneLite® can improve a building’s overall aesthetic as well as its functionality. The Portage County Prosecutor’s Office was not only significantly expanded but became a beautiful addition to the community.