StonePanels International LLC

Brand Image Programs with Lightweight Engineered Stone Systems

Branding is about cohesiveness, as much as anything. For the companies that do branding well, every touch point that a consumer or client has with the company is consistent with every other touch point. Colors, logos, themes, styles, they all reinforce each other. For the biggest brands (the ones who do branding the best), branding is more of a challenge because they have to accomplish this cohesiveness on national and international scales.

Soft drink companies use the same colors and fonts, even if the language and the country they are sold in changes. You can find some of the same menu items from fast food chains whether you\’re in the western hemisphere or the eastern hemisphere. Likewise, you\’ll notice that companies pay attention to branding right down to the buildings that house individual locations and stores. And, you guessed it, no stone goes unturned when it comes to branding.

If a company were to go with dimensional stone in its store designs, they would largely be at the mercy of mother nature. Dimensional stone involves huge and heavy blocks, where the pattern of the stone is what it is. If the patterns and textures in the stone don\’t cohesively come together, well, you as a company and a brand just have to live with the imperfections. After all, you can\’t control mother nature.

How Stone Veneer Panels Create a Cohesiveness that Dimensional Stone Cannot

Dimensional stone is a take it or leave it product, in large part, because it can\’t be moved around easily or broken down into smaller more manageable pieces. Lightweight engineered stone systems are another story, however, because of the nature of the individual stone veneer panels.

Like a large stone puzzle, the individual stone veneer panels which make up a lightweight engineered stone system can be moved around with ease. This allows companies to brand cohesively with stone so that the entire look and feel of a store can be seamless, from one piece of stone to the next. This makes the product a great alternate to dimensional stone, which doesn\’t have the properties to be as seamless from one piece to the next. At Stone Panels, Inc., we can match colors, grain and textures – this allows for a more consistent look that cannot be achieved with dimensional stone. The weight of the Stone Panels product aids in this ability.

Our product has been incorporated by companies in a number of industries who are looking to accomplish a brand cohesiveness across all of their locations.