StonePanels International LLC

Choose a “Green” Company and Improve Worker Productivity and Health

In our “green” driven society, it’s important for consumers to make decisions that positively impact the environment. It’s rare that anyone would consciously decide to work with a company that was not resourceful or that harmed the environment.

Stone Panels, Inc. understands these concerns for consumers and that is why our products and methods are environmentally friendly. We make it possible for business owners to achieve a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Efficient Design) MR (Major Renovations) Credit 4.1 for recycled content. To achieve LEED certification, you must provide verification that a building, home or community was designed and built to be sustainable and energy efficient.

Our LEED certified StoneLite® have a longer lasting quality than dimensional stones. When we manufacture our product, we ration the amount of stone we use for the wall cladding system because it is a limited resource. In addition, the StoneLite® cladding system, installed with our exclusive mounting channels, is composed of a high percentage of recycled alumnium. The water used during manufacturing is also recycled and the stone dust is filtered through systems so that it can be reused. recently answered the question, “Do LEED certified buildings improve worker productivity and health?” LEED considers occupant health and productivity an important component of a building; it implements strategies to improve air quality and comfort such as ventilation, monitoring indoor pollutants, managing indoor air quality during construction and prior to occupancy, and providing controllability of thermal and lighting systems to occupants. StoneLite® is manufactured without Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), requires no finish painting and can be cleaned without solvents. All of this contributed to a cleaner environment free of air contaminants.

With a LEED certified product, you’re not only benefiting the environment, but also each individual building occupant. Poor indoor air quality leads to sickness, unhappiness and absenteeism. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency even reported that the level of indoor pollutants can be 100 times greater than outdoor levels.

In conclusion, LEED certified buildings do improve worker productivity and health while also benefiting the environment. If working with a company that respects the environment is a priority for you, then consider letting Stone Panels, Inc. take on your next project. Our StoneLite® are a dependable, environmentally friendly solution for architects, engineers, installers and building owners.