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Earthquake Increase Expected in 2012: How StoneLite®. Can Help Prepare

While many anticipate 2012 being the “end of the world”, it’s important to take note of the facts. While the end may or not be near, it is definitely not the end for violent earthquakes.

As earthquakes’ frequency and tendency continue to increase, more people are at risk as well as the state of the economy. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), there are thousands of earthquakes around the world each year, including minor tremors, which are sometimes noted as signs of larger quakes to come.

According to the USGS’ “Significant Earthquake” list on their website, there was a startling 58 major earthquakes around the world in 2008, 12 of them being 7.0 magnitude or higher.

In 2010, the number of 7.0 or higher magnitude quakes increased to 22. Within the first three months of 2011, there were 18 major earthquake incidents. So what does this mean for the year ahead? According to some reports, it could mean a 9.0 magnitude is possible in the U.S. Impossible as it may seem, just last spring, Japan experience an 8.9 quake, the largest in Japan’s recorded history and 7th largest in the world.

One of the most devastating effects of earthquakes and other natural disasters is property damage so ensuring a building can withstand shifting foundations is important.

Panels manufactured by Stone Panels, Inc. exhibit exceptional flexural strength, which is ideal for seismic zones. [StonePanels] Panels have passed shear tests, simulating seismic loading, conducted in accordance with ASTM E – 72. They have also passed full-scale seismic testing per CSTB Guidelines (France). In addition, these panels have been tested to resist up to 60 times more impact than solid 3 cm thick granite.

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