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How the Health Care Law Affects Construction of New Medical Facilities

A number of companies that design and build in the health care sector are pleased that the Supreme Court upheld President Obama’s Affordable Care Act at the end of last month, according to Engineering News-Record.

Many health care systems will now move forward with their plans to create facilities and infrastructures needed to meet the future demand of a nation where everyone has coverage, said Hamilton Espinosa, national health care group leader for DPR Construction.

One of the challenges of the health care industry was that many providers did not feel confident in pursuing new construction due to the uncertainty of the industry and the deciding factors that were to come. Another issue was that hospitals and health care systems were unable to obtain bonds. Some projects were even canceled or temporarily put on hold until the Supreme Court made its decision. Although the economy continues to struggle, health care construction is expected to grow.

Recently, the health care industry has embraced a cost-conscious mentality and is expected to continue to do so even in light of new construction possibilities. Due to this mentality, hospitals may choose to renovate and expand rather than begin new construction. Stone Panels, Inc. has constructed and renovated several hospitals across the country, such as the Shawnee Mission Medical Center in Kansas and the Windhaven Medical Plaza in Texas.