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New South Glasgow Hospital – curved panel installation

Stone does not have to be defined by hard lines, angles, and linear shapes.  It can be molded into soft flowing curves.  Wait…curved?  Yes, stone can be curved – not chiseled, sanded, or segmented but actually curved from a flat panel.

Can Stone Panels manufacture our StoneLite® panels to a fixed curved?  “Yes, we can!” is the surprisingly simple answer to this frequently asked question.  In fact, SPI has been manufacturing curved panels for over 25 years.  The radius of the curve will vary based on the stone type.  While I am not going to share our proprietary process I will share some unique projects featuring our manufactured curved panels.

The oldest exterior curved panels in the U.S. are on Kimbrough Hall at Washington State University.  The design called for more than 16,000 sq. ft. of a French limestone curved to an 18’ radius.  The New South Glasgow Acute Hospital in Scotland used Dunhouse Buff Sandstone curved panels to a 2.8 meter radius.

A large granite/marble curved project is the Thomas F. Eagleton Federal Courthouse in St. Louis, MO.   More than 48, 000 sq. ft. of curved StoneLite® panels were used to create a stunning interior with both convex and concave curved panels.  Qunnipiac University boasts a 40’ curved radius on the flamed granite panels featured on the exterior of their Health Professions Center.

Thomas Eagleton Federal Courthouse Interior

Traveling exhibits for Infinity (limestone) and Rolex (granite) also incorporated curved panels into their design. The rich elegance of stone and the unusual application create standout exhibits.

Infinity Auto Show Exhibit with curved limestone panels

Curving panels is just one of the many standout attributes we offer that allow architects and designers the ability to incorporate extraordinary design elements into their projects.  Our in house technical consultants and engineering staff are available to help our clients realize their unique vision.

So, the next time you are contemplating something outside of the box – remember the curve.