StonePanels International LLC

Oh, the Places StoneLite® Panels Can Go

Just like the popular Dr. Seuss book “Oh, the Places You\’ll Go!\”, it can be fun for architects and designers to imagine all of the interesting and unexpected places where StoneLite® panels can be incorporated into their projects. Instances, where stone panels can be incorporated, include ceilings, soffits, below-grade extensions, water features, mounting signs, and door overlays.

StoneLite® can be used for ceiling and soffits just as easily as they can be for exterior or interior walls. The only difference is that, as opposed to walls, ceiling and soffits involve attaching the interlocking system channels to a horizontal framing, instead of a vertical one.

In addition to ceilings and soffits, another interesting use for StoneLite® involves below-grade extensions. Our stone panels can be used in this capacity thanks to their ability to withstand moisture. It\’s worth mentioning, however, that below-grade extensions that incorporate limestone could see the limestone facing of the panel become stained from moisture exposure. Likewise, limestone could become etched if it\’s exposed to salt from sidewalks in wintertime.

In continuing to explore interesting uses for StoneLite®, designers and developers can also look at their use with water features (such as fountains or pools). As you may have guessed from their ability to be used below grade, StoneLite® are also great for incorporating with water features or open-joint exterior applications. Just be sure to consider how the stone facing might react to chemicals that might be found in the water.

And finally, stone panels also allow for mounting signs or use indoor overlays. While sign mounting is doable and can make for a great addition to any project, the ways in which signs can be mounted can involve quite a range, so it\’s best to consult Stone Panels, Inc. directly and on an individual project basis. As for stone panels use with door overlays, they are most often incorporated through the use of a light-gauge angle and either adhesive or structural silicone (depending on the door material).

All of these places StoneLite® panels can go allow for projects to maintain their cohesiveness beyond the exterior and interior walls.