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    About the project

    A unique project requiring over 9,000 different size trapezoidal panels featuring StoneLite® Valders Dolomite and Prairie Green Granite. StoneLite® natural reinforced honeycomb panels were installed in the 27 story rotunda, elevator lobbies, and elevator cabs for each floor.

    StoneLite® is a custom manufactured product based on a building’s field dimensions and specific architectural requirements.  StoneLite® designed for the ease of installation. Less than 6 field cuts were required during the installation of over 9,000 different size panels.

    StoneLite® is blast resistant and suitable for zones with seismic activity.


    Contact Information

    AMEC (formerly Morse Diesel International)
    10670 White Rock Rd. Suite 100
    Sacramento, CA 95670
    Phone: (916) 636-3200

    Project Details
    Street Address501 I Street
    Year 1998
    Stone UsedPrairie Green Granite Valders Buff Dolomite
    LocationSacramento California
    CategoriesElevator Government Interior Lobby