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Re-skinning Proves Best Option For Improved Exterior Insulation

On a global scale, buildings contribute to 40 percent of worldwide energy use and 30 percent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, according to a recent article in Construction Canada, “Reducing the Carbon Footprint”. In Canada, 41 percent of total GHG emissions is caused just by buildings’ operations – specifically heating, cooling, and lighting. The carbon footprint of buildings is accelerating the progression of global warming and these alarming statistics not only support that belief but also serve as a call for change.

More than 90 percent of buildings around the world have been standing for many years and will remain for many more while their energy consumption becomes worse. A building’s energy efficiency is not just about the quality and age of physical infrastructure – it is also about how the building is used. Energy inefficiency in older buildings can be directly linked to their lack of insulation. Without an adequate thermal break between the interior and exterior, older buildings soak up the heat in the warmer months and leak it away when it gets cold.

While some may assume that these buildings should be torn down to make way for new, this is not the practical solution. Their destruction would cause large amounts of waste, consume resources, and cost a fortune. Not to mention, it would take a considerable amount of time for a brand new building to be up and running. Instead, these older buildings need to undergo serious renovations.

In order to properly renovate a building in need of repair and better insulation, it’s best to apply a new “skin.” By “re-skinning” a building, an essential layer of insulation can be added and piping, cabling, and other systems can be hidden. Re-skinning will create a proper thermal barrier so any internal improvements made can achieve their full impact. A new “skin” will create an improved thermal barrier, help the building’s overall aesthetics and make it more comfortable as well as energy- efficient.

Being an environmentally conscious company, Stone Panels, Inc. takes on several renovation projects such as re-skinning and re-cladding throughout each year. Our [StonePanels] panels are an ideal solution for both exterior and interior renovation. Since the panels are so lightweight, they can be installed without the need for reinforcing the building structure. If using [StoneLite] panels, there is no need for expensive demolition and haul-off costs. Heavy lifting equipment, large layout areas and elaborate scaffolding are also not required. [StonePanels] panels can be combined with a new layer of insulation that older structures need in order to save energy and reduce GHG emissions.

At Stone Panels, Inc., we know the importance of carbon footprint so we strive to ensure that we take every opportunity to be energy-efficient and environmentally aware.