Save Time and Finish the Job With StoneLite®

When Stone Panels, Inc. (SPI) brings our exceptional, lightweight panels to the job site for installation, it may seem like all hands need to be on deck but the number of “hands” is less than one would assume. Due to its lightweight capabilities, [StonePanels] panels can be easily installed with less workers than the amount it would take to install heavy, dimensional stone. StoneLite® is 80% lighter than dimensional stone and can be put in 10 – 12 times faster. In addition, heavy equipment is not needed to get the the job done. All of these advantages will cut project time significantly, as well as project costs.

When you work with Stone Panels, Inc., you’ll see that we can even lay out an entire building elevation in advance and arrange the panels prior to installation. Once this preparation is complete, we can send representatives to the job site to assist with the installation. Alternatively, we can train your crew how to install our product at the Stone Panels, Inc. facility in Dallas.

When Stone Panels, Inc. is used for renovations and recladding, our small but efficient team will come in and get the job done significantly faster than if you were to use dimensional stone to reinforce a deteriorated structure. As we’ve mentioned before, the recent decrease in construction spending due to national economic downturn and tighter budgets has resulted in more recladding projects, especially for SPI, which is a more budget friendly alternative.

If you opt to use dimensional stone for your project, then the labor costs will increase significantly due to the need for expensive lifting equipment, transportation fuel and a larger crew on site.

If you want to know more about working with the Stone Panels, Inc. team and using our StoneLite® panels, contact us via email, [email protected], or call (469) 635-5000.