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Special Stone Panel Considerations – Sanded Grout

While sanded grout will not provide for a watertight joint seal, a sanded grout is suitable for both interior applications or construction where a weather barrier is also incorporated behind our stone veneer panels. With stone panel applications featuring a joint width of one-eighth to one-half inch, you might consider using Polyblend® Sanded Grout. This grout is polymer-modified and creates hard, dense joints which are resistant to shrinking, cracking and wear. Because of the wide selection of grout colors available, sanded grout can become quite the dynamic player when it comes to your stone veneer panels.

Just as different types of StoneLite® can be used to complement or contrast one another, so too can sanded grout contribute to the aesthetic layout of your stone facade. Be sure to consult supporting documents for whichever sanded grout you choose to incorporate. This kind of product information may offer considerations for using sanded grout with your stone veneer panels; such as hot-weather grouting tips or material safety information.

Also, stone panel installers should be aware that some types of grout may not be suitable for joints which are three-eights of an inch wide. For this and other reasons, it\’s important to do your due diligence and look at the product information to ensure that the grout you chose is going to work well with (and best complement) your stone veneer panels.