Stone Panels International – Our History Helping You in the Here and Now

A company\’s history is only as important as the longevity of its product. You want to know, as the user of a product, that the company is going to still be around to stand behind its product for as long as you\’ll be using it. So while the company\’s history isn\’t that important when you\’re buying a pack of gum, it becomes very important when it comes to a product like our stone cladding system and our StoneLite® product.

Our stone cladding system and product is not only meant to stand the test of time, but also human and natural forces. So the 40 years of history behind our company is impressive as far as companies go, but it\’s a drop in the bucket compared to the lifetime of our stone cladding system and product.

The current international reach of our company suits us, considering our history. Our product can currently be found supporting developments on almost every continent. And while our primary productions facility is US-based, our company and our StoneLite® product has its origins in Ireland.

The Global Reach of Stone Panels International Comes from a History Spanning Two Continents

Our StoneLite® product can be credited to Earl of Mayo Terence Bourke, who developed and patented the product in Galway, Ireland. The StoneLite® product is a solution to a problem that Lord Mayo would run into with the marble produced in his quarry. The marble had a tendency to fracture. His discovery of what would become the manufacturing process behind our StoneLite® allowed Lord Mayo to stabilize the marble.

A decade later, the wheels were put in motion to eventually bring the production operations stateside, culminating with the completion of a factory in Carrollton, Texas in the mid-1980s. It was also around this time that the company was sold to a venture capital group. Along with these major moves for the company came both major improvements in product and production efficiency, as well as qualifying for vital code approvals for StoneLite® domestically and in Europe.

Coldspring purchased the assets and changed the name to Stone Panels International LLC in 2016. Today, Stone Panels International LLC is headquartered in Marble Falls, TX and our Texas manufacturing facility is state of the art. With each new project, SPI continues to prove why StoneLite®  is the premier choice for natural stone composite panels.

We understand that a company\’s history is only as important as the longevity of its product. Considering that our stone cladding systems and StoneLite® product are tasked with surviving the test of time, we feel our company should too.