StonePanels International LLC

Stone Panels – Sustainability is First Step in Environmental Friendliness

There are a number of ways that our stone panels can be construed as environmentally friendly, both directly and indirectly. But perhaps one of the biggest  ways a product can claim to be environmentally friendly is sustainability.

One of people\’s biggest knocks on bottled water as a product is its lack of sustainability. The reason that durable products, such as washable and reusable water bottles, are more preferable isn\’t because they\’re of a more environmentally friendly material. It\’s because they are sustainable.

Similarly, our thin stone product is often the same stone you might find with dimensional stone. But where our product benefits the environment in comparison to dimensional stone is that it is more sustainable.

Big-Picture Sustainability with Thin Stone
Stone is also a limited resource in our world. There is only so much stone on our planet. So, whereas big dimensional stone blocks are huge chunks of this limited resource, the StoneLite® wall cladding system utilizes a nicely rationed sliver of the very precious resource that is stone. With only a fraction of an amount of stone used in stone panel and minimal waste in cutting stone slabs for use as panels, our thin stone product only uses as much stone as is needed.

Manufacturing StoneLite® panels typically requires 20 percent (or less) of the amount of stone used in a normal dimensional stone project. Quarrying and transportation of dimensional stone requires a great deal of energy, so the ability to harvest significantly less stone not only saves energy, but it also leaves more natural resources intact for future use.

Wall Cladding Stone Lasts Longer
We\’ve already covered, in some detail, how our wall cladding stone is surprisingly more durable than dimensional stone. This is because of the aluminum honeycomb technology which supports our thin stone product. A more durable stone product means less of a need to replace old dimensional stone product which has worn down through temperature cycling, differential movement and random impacts. So, while dimensional stone is more like disposable bottled water, our wall cladding stone is more like washable and reusable water bottles.

“Green\” Builders and Developers
We\’re always proud to have our wall cladding stone incorporated by builders and developers who have a strong desire to be good stewards of the environment with the materials they use.