Stone Panels Video – Shimming and Splicing

This blog post and video is the fourth in our series; where we highlight some of the installation processes that go hand-in-hand with a StoneLite® panel system application. In this video, we specifically look at some of the actions which installers can take when panel adjustments are necessary due to lippage or other reasons. While the situations aren\’t necessarily common; on occasion, installers will have to utilize methods such as shimming and splicing to ensure panel alignment.

Choosing to install StoneLite®, in and of itself, is a decision that can save construction crews significant amounts of time on a project. By reviewing videos like the one below, builders can better prepare themselves for the installation process of our natural stone composite panels. Armed with both a time-saving product and time-saving knowhow, installing a natural stone facade has never been easier than it is with Stone Panels, Inc.

The contents of our videos are provided for informational purposes only and not intended to suggest safety practices. Please become familiar with, observe and obey your company\’s and the construction site\’s safety rules and policies.