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StoneLite® Healthcare Construction Spotlight: Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology


For more than 60 years, Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology, which currently has nine locations, has provided radiological services to their patients. In 2007, their two-story facility in Merrick, NY was built with the help of Stone Panels, Inc. and Smith Palmer & Famulari.

When taking on a project in the healthcare industry, every detail is crucial because it will impact the experience of a patient as well as a doctors’ capability to perform their best. Some of the most important components of a healthcare facility that contribute to a patient’s well-being, according to Safe Environments, include:

  • A welcoming environment with access to nature
  • A space that contains positive distractions, such as artwork, sculpture or the use of color
  • A spacious floor plan with designated spaces for the socialization of patients’ family members and friends
  • A building that will easily blend in with the surrounding area but also reduce or eliminate environmental stress such as high levels of noise
  • Simple and accommodating building design that allows staff and patients to navigate without difficulty and give patients a sense of control during a potentially difficult time

\”Looking to the south, to Merrick, they’ve built a facility there which is a state-of-the-art facility and looks just great,\” Hempstead Town Councilman Gary Hudes told Levittown Patch. \”[It\’s] very modern-looking, well-landscaped and really is a very positive-looking office building there.”

Stone Panels, Inc. completed the exterior project with Blue Pearl and Serizzo Antigorio Granite stone panels. Both of these stones were chosen by the client for their rich, aesthetic appeal. Blue Pearl Granite is quarried in Norway and has a unique and stunning iridescent crystal structure that tends to have a 3D appearance. Based on the unique occlusion properties the stone appears to have pops of pearls embedded in it. The Serizzo Antigorio Granite is quarried in Italy and its rich color combination of greys, black and white is stunning.

The use of both of these stones encompasses multiple components of the elements conducive to providing a healing environment.