StoneLite® Retail Construction Spotlight: Burberry New York

Burberry Flagship Store

East 57th Street New York, NY

Completed: 2003

StoneLite® panels are a natural fit for retail construction. They meet the demand of quick installation while maintaining the high quality standards required by high-end clients, such as Burberry.

When the Burberry flagship store on 57th Street in New York began construction, it needed durable, aesthetically-pleasing stone to complete the job. The store, which is Burberry’s largest worldwide, is 24,000 square feet.

According to PR Newswire, “The asymmetric stone and transparent glass façade transversed with a fretwork of rolled, burnished metal references the renowned Burberry plaid.” The Chief Executive of Burberry considered the construction of the flagship store to be a significant milestone in Burberry’s growth strategy.

SPI was chosen for the project because our products have been proven to withstand the test of time. For Burberry, which was founded in 1856, longevity was imperative. For years, StoneLite® panels have been used on the exterior of buildings throughout the world. They have resisted the brutal forces of nature including earthquakes, hurricanes and the streets of New York.

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