StonePanels International LLC

StoneLite® Specialty Applications: Balconies

StoneLite® panels have consistently proven their worth on specialty projects for buildings throughout the world. These panels provide authentic natural stone without the limitation and consequences of heavy dimensional stone.

The lighter weight StoneLite® Panels require less structural support than dimensional stone, due to a unique manufacturing process that reinforces a natural stone veneer with an aluminum honeycomb substrate. The result is a superior natural stone cladding that weighs substantially less than traditional stone.

StoneLite® panels lightweight, high strength, and other product characteristics allow architects to design structural features that they would not contemplate with heavy dimensional stone. Enormous cornices are easy to support and can be installed quickly. Signature items like massive stone balconies, big cantilevering structures and vast free-span stone ceilings are now possible and practical with [StonePanels] panels. Even for balconies on tall buildings, the StoneLite® product is easy to install without heavy lifting equipment.

When designing a structure’s balcony, the StoneLite® system allows you to realize the architect’s design intent while completing the exterior façade faster and with greater safety than would have been possible with solid stone.

Stone Panels, Inc. is always honored to be called on for specialty projects such as balconies not only for the challenge but also to admire the beauty of the completed project.