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Testing Methods Continue to Improve at Stone Panels Into the New Year

We’ve covered the topic of Stone Panels’ rigorous testing methods before and as we grow, our testing becomes more important than ever.

The StoneLite® panels system and its installing components have been thoroughly tested by leading global independent testing laboratories.

In 2009, an independent test laboratory conducted a full scale arena blast test for Stone Panels product. They used a cylindrical charge consisting of 300 lbs. of ANFO. Two chambers of varying standoff distances facilitated testing of the panels. You can see a video of the tests conducted on our website.

All panels tested provided a “High Level of Protection” per the Unified Facilities Criteria and no permanent deformations were observed in the StoneLite panels.

The StoneLite® panels have been tested to resist up to 60 times more impact than solid 3 cm thick granite. The panels also exhibit exceptional flexural strength, which is ideal for seismic zones.

Not only can the panels endure a blast test, but also acid freeze-thaw testing, seismic racking, air and water infiltration, structural and impact load tests, fire exposure and flame spread testing and toxicity,

Each test resulted in the same conclusion: no panel failure. We have proven performance in all climates but our testing is never over. We  test our revolutionary product again and again to ensure its strength and durability are up to date.

At Stone Panels Inc., we guarantee a quality product. We have for years, and will continue to do so.