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The Cost of Lightweight Stone Panels

It’s a phenomena that you actually see in a lot of places – the best product is the best for the environment AND the best for business. Such is the case with Stone Panels, Inc. products. It is a misconception that “going green\” is to compromise cost efficiency or that the highest quality product can\’t save you money on the front end of a project. But it\’s important to cover all of your bases when you\’re choosing building materials; whether it\’s for new construction or building renovation. And one of the biggest considerations, especially in this economy, is cost.

The construction industry is still running lean, as we get closer to the end of 2011 than the beginning. But that doesn\’t mean good projects aren\’t still being done. However, the current state of the industry is sobering for developers. Bloomberg reports that nonresidential (commercial) construction is below estimates in 2011 and estimates were already down from this same time in 2010. Bloomberg\’s account has public construction below estimates too.

NASDAQ tells a similar story. “Spending for projects other than houses fell 1.1%, with outlays declining for most types of projects, particularly schools, hotels and factories,\” according to a recent report. The current state of the construction industry, not only in the US, but across the global economy, is one that is traversable for the savviest of construction project managers. But it starts with choosing the right materials and having both the short term and long term in mind as work begins.

What Makes StoneLite® Cost Efficient
StoneLite® panels with the interlocking channel connection system typically weigh less than 4 pounds per square foot. This lightweight system places less stress on the structure and as a consequence structural requirements and back up framing costs are frequently reduced. Also, The carrying cost for large projects is extremely high. Even a one week reduction in a project’s critical path can result in a substantial savings. When “time is money”, [StonePanels] panels install very quickly. Traditional panels with the interlocking channel connections install five to ten times faster than heavy dimensional stone. When [StonePanels] panels are pre-panelized the installation speed is even faster.

StoneLite® owes its cost efficiency as a product to an 80 percent reduction in weight, when compared to alternative 3 or 5 centimeter traditional stone systems. Our stone product requires less in the way of supporting structural elements, time of installation and heavy-duty equipment. But that\’s just speaking to the short term. The big picture is that StoneLite® is a smart decision in any economy and will outlast alternative stone products that you could use. The life-cycle of our lightweight stone panels goes beyond that of 3 to 5 centimeter stone thanks to its durability – both strength and flexibility.