StonePanels International LLC

The Different Finishes That Are Available with StoneLite®

Some of the most popular finishes that you can see with our stone veneer panels include polished, honed, flamed, sandblasted, bush-hammered and antiqued.

Polished – If you really want the colors in your stone veneer panels to shine, this may be the finish for you. This kind of finish is slick and glossy to the point where you can almost see yourself in it. It\’s an eye-catcher for sure! Polished surfaces are commonly used for vibrant granites and marbles.

Honed – For those who like a more natural look than polished, but want to retain some of the stone\’s natural look. The color is lighter than a polished finish, but honed is still a finish that is smooth to the touch. Limestones and sandstones often incorporate a honed surface.

Flamed (Thermal) – One of our favorites. If you really want to give your thin stone some flare and dimension, this is the finish for you. And the process is just as cool as the end result. We expose the stone to intense heat and immediate cooling. The stone literally pops, as the crystals within react to the process. Not all stones lend themselves to this kind of finish. But for the ones that do, it can be pretty darn cool!

Sandblasted – Another finish that, when paired with the right stone, can be extremely cool is sandblasted. And, just like flamed, the process is as neat as final product. A sandblasted finish is achieved with a pressurized flow of sand. The surface of the stone ends up being somewhat rough and very porous.

Bush-Hammered – This rough textured and very porous finish is achieved by actually pounding the stone! This is a finish that is very unique in both look and feel, but it has to be paired with the right types of stone to be truly impressive.

Antiqued (Brushed) – This is a finished that is reserved for marble and limestone stone panels, which have variations in hardness that (more often than not) come from veining. It creates a smooth and somewhat soft surface that is still very interesting to touch because of it\’s unevenness. This finish leave the hard areas of the stone and removes the softer areas.

We\’ve discovered that stone finishes are like stones themselves – everybody has a favorite!