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StoneLite® Roman Classic travertine and Nara Granite panels were installed as the exterior cladding on the original Home Savings of America property in 1989.  StoneLite® panels were installed on over 90 locations nationwide.

The property has changed ownership and is now Diamond Cellar. The longevity and durability characteristics of StoneLite® reinforced natural stone panels are evident based on the gallery photographs snapped in 2013.


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Diamond Cellar
6280 Sawmill Road (@ 161)
DublinOH 43017
Phone: Ph: (614) 923-6633
Project Details
Street Address6280 Sawmill Road (@ 161)
Year 1989
Stone UsedNara Granite Roman Classic Travertine
LocationDublin Ohio
CategoriesCommercial Exterior Multi-Story Retail