Project Details

Street Address:
3800 Centerpoint Drive

About the project

Over 56,000 sq. ft. of StoneLite® Mocha Creme limestone panels were installed on the exterior of this 14 story building over steel stud framing and 2-inch thick rigid insulation board.  An additional 15,000 sq. ft. of StoneLite® limestone adorns the interior lobbies in the building as well.

The architect wanted a stone curtain wall but dimensional stone weighed too much and the project is in a seismic Zone 4.  According to the architect, StoneLite® provides authentic natural stone without the limitations and consequences of solid stone.  StoneLite®‘s ability to flex along with freeze thaw testing made it ideal for meeting the seismic and the wide temperature swing requirements.

JL Tower was the first privately held LEED certified building in Alaska.  For more information on StoneLite® LEED considerations.

Contact Information

RIM Architects
645 G Street #400
Anchorage, AK99501
Phone: 907.258.7777