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About the project

This 15-story commercial property was built in 1984 with an exterior cladding of over 70,000 sq. ft. of StoneLite® Swedish Mahogany granite.  The project was pre-panelized with a steel stud frame back up.  Total number of panels were 4,950 with a typical panel size of 29-3/4″ x 73-1/2″.

The building was hit by 150 mph shear winds in 2001 which took out 25% of the windows with ZERO damage to the StoneLite® panels.

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Contact Information

HKS, Inc.
350 N. Saint Paul St. #100
Dallas, TX , TX 75201
Phone: (214) 969-5599

Project Details
Street Address 10000 N. Central Expressway
Year 1984
Stone UsedSwedish Mahogany Granite
LocationDallas Texas
CategoriesCommercial Exterior Multi-Story New Construction Pre-Panelized