StonePanels International LLC

The Perfect Finish With StoneLite®

Stone Panels Inc. is known for the variety of exquisite finishes that we are able provide due to our StoneLite® product.

While we encourage you to consider one of our finishes for your project, remember that not all finishes are recommended or even possible on all stones. To determine what is best for your project, please contact our Technical Services Staff to verify the availability of that finish.

Take a look at our featured finishes: Honed, Polished, Flamed, Sandblasted,  Bush-Hammered and Antiqued.

Honed: The honed finish is smooth in texture. It has a low-sheen finish, a more natural look. Structures with limestone and sandstone often have a honed finish.

Polished: The polished finish is also very smooth but has a glossy surface that enhances the stone’s colors. You often see a polished finish with granite and marble.

Flamed (Thermal): Unlike the polished and honed finishes, the flamed finish has a rough texture. This look is achieved by exposing the stone to intense heat and immediate cooling, a unique process that we are able to do to in our 175,000 sq. ft. facility. But the flamed finish won’t work for every project because the stones must have the correct crystal structure.

Sandblasted: Sandblasted isn’t the kind of finish you will see on shiny marble floors or granite buildings. It has rough surface that is textured by a pressurized flow of sand. It’s another unique kind of finish because not all stones sandblast well, such as limestone or marble.

Bush-Hammered: This finish is just like it sounds! The rough look of “bush-hammered” is achieved by pounding the stone. And like sandblasting, not all stones can be hammered well.

Antiqued (Brushed): The look of the antiqued finish is created by \”brushing\” the surface over the hard areas while the softer areas are removed. Only marble and limestone receive this finish.

For more information on the availability of different finishes or for a small sample of one of the above finishes, please contact the Stone Panel Inc. Technical Services Staff.