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Links to download our standard details will be found here. The document images below will allow you to view all of these documents prior to downloading.  Click here to download specifications or here for installation instructions or installation videos.

We are happy to assist in choosing the proper attachment system and will create custom details specific to your project. Contact our Technical Services Staff at 800-328-6275.

BIM / Revit Content
All details
Exterior Details
Typical Wide Interlocking Channel
Typical Narrow Interlocking Channel
Wide Interlocking Joint Channel
Narrow Interlocking Joint Channel
Horizontal Reveal Section
Interlocking Channel Soffit Section
Interlocking Channel System At Base
Typical Window Sill Details
Typical Window Head Details
Typical Coping Detail
Stone Panel Cornice
Anchor Plate Attachment 1
Anchor Plate Attachment 2
Anchor Plate With Horizontal Furring
Glazed-In Panel In 1″ Pocket
Interior Adhesive Attachment Over Gypsum Wallboard
Interior Structural Silicone Attachment Over Steel Stud Framing
Adhesive Attach Over Existing Surface
Stone Panel Return At Recessed Soffit
Clip Attachment To Elevator Cab Wall
Pre-Panelized Steel Stud System
Pre-Panelized Spandrel Condition
Pre-Panelized Spandrel Wall Section
Pre-Panelized Wall Bypassing Floor Slab
Edge Conditions
Typical Corner Details
Attachment Details